Two of the Most Popular College Sports Games


Two of the Most Popular College Sports Games

If you have been paying attention to the sport of esport, you might have already heard the term “Esports”. You may be wondering what exactly Esports is, and how it differs from traditional sports. Well, Esports is an actual recognized industry by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Traditional sports can be considered a bit similar to the sport of “pool” in that they are both physical and involve numerous individuals participating. The difference, however, is that in traditional sports, there is usually a defined leader, such as a manager, trainer, or competitor, who directs the game towards a specific goal.

Traditional Esports involves a set number of participants, who are usually grouped based upon their country of citizenship or residence. Esports, however, often takes the shape of a competitive multiplayer online video game tournaments, especially between amateur players, either independently or as part of teams. The most popular and well known type of Esports is League of Legends (LoL). This particular game has enjoyed huge popularity worldwide, and is now a multi-million dollar industry. Popularized by movies like World of Warcraft and other television shows, and featured in everything from video games to theme parks, there is no denying the growing importance and influence of League of Legends.

To play in ESL tournaments, or “collegiate leagues” as they are known, you will need to adhere to the rules of the game. The rules for most ESL tournaments, as well as those for other competitive gamers, are very simple:

Unlike traditional sports, there are no teams, coaches, managers or training facilities. Therefore, the main way to succeed in ESL tournaments is to become one of the many successful members of a team of gamers. Joining the ranks of the world’s best team of Esports athletes requires dedication and hard work. Many aspiring gamers try to jump into the compulsive gambling community and find it hard to focus on only one game at a time, especially when there is a high chance that the losing team will win the prize.

Two of the most popular sports games, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and DOTA 2, have grown in popularity over the past few years. Valve, the maker of Counter-Strike, has worked very hard to secure huge prize winnings for their players. In fact, Valve does not actually handle the betting aspect of the game, but rather relies on its millions of active subscribers to bet according to the game’s odds. As a result, Counter-Strike is the most popular sport in terms of prize winnings, with more money paid out per year than tennis, football, basketball and volleyball combined.

DOTA 2, another one of the most popular collegiate games, has also seen phenomenal growth in the player base and player awareness over the past few years. Many professional gamers began playing DotA when it was free to join. Today, it is offered at every local pub, and players of all ages are able to enjoy this fun and exciting game at any given time. With the new addition of a major tournament to the ESL Series, there is even more reason for gamers around the world to jump into this fun and exciting new genre of sports video games.