The Future Of Esports

Esprit is an Association of Competitive Gamers (ACG) term that defines an international competitive gaming organisation. Esports is a multi-player interactive virtual online game organisation. Esports frequently takes the form of multiplayer, competitive digital game competitions, most often between specialist teams, usually organised by teams or individual professional players. The most common types of esport are FPS (first person shooter games), RTS (role playing games), MOBAs (minor MMORPGs) and sports games such as FIFA, Motorbike World Cup, Cricket World Cup and Tour de France.

With a number of thousands of passionate gamers, the growth and recognition of esport have grown rapidly over the past few years. In the last few years there has been an unprecedented explosion in the number of viewers watching live events via live streaming websites such as twitching and YouTube. This has created huge amounts of new potential revenue for the owners and operators of live game servers. With this in mind, it is clear that the future of esport is huge. The challenge is to continue to provide quality products and services while the industry continues to grow. In this article I will briefly look at some of the challenges that face the future of esport.

Due to the very nature of the game, there is no governing body to which organisations can turn to for validation and standards. This lack of regulation has resulted in many undesirable individuals taking advantage of the growing community of people looking to make money from a game that is still relatively new. Some people have created fake organisations, called Clarity Gaming, with the intention of taking advantage of the growing popularity of the game. Many of these Clarity Gaming organisations have been subject to investigation and have been closed down due to concerns raised by law enforcement. There is still insufficient evidence to suggest that there are illegal organisations using Clarity Gaming as a way of conducting business.

Unfortunately, there are many people out there who are looking to take advantage of the growing scene to make illegal profit. It is not uncommon to find scalpers selling betting slips or other equipment on behalf of the organisation that they represent. If you are unfortunate enough to become a victim of these individuals, the first thing you should do is report the transaction to the relevant authorities. You may be required to hand over evidence and it is for your own protection that you do so. In addition to this, reporting the transaction to the relevant organisation should stop any further issues and ensure that you can proceed with your life without having to worry about the potential problem.

Esports requires its members to be honest and hard working. Because of the nature of the industry, there are very few organisations that can reliably guarantee that they will retain the players they have invested in. If there was one reliable organisation in the picture, the level of commitment from the players and staff would probably increase the level of success for everyone involved.

The future of Esports is an exciting one, but one that vary considerably from the future of traditional sports. As new organisations rise to meet the need for player talent, we could soon see a huge shift in the power structures of the game. We could also soon see the decline of certain endemic levels of success enjoyed by the major organisations.